Friday 27th March 2015,
Crime Book Club
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    Congratulations to my favourite Crime Writers

    It has come to my attention that quite a few of my favourite Crime authors have been nominated for The Ian Fleming Steel Dagger, which is hosted by The CWA. I wanted to draw your

  • illistration

    An extract from Disobey by Jacqui Rose

    1 When Vaughn had picked up the call from Greg, he’d had no time for small talk, simply saying. ‘It’s Soho. We’re in trouble.’ In all his time as a face around London Vaughn had

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    Return of the Characters – writing a sequel

    So, you’ve finished your novel, it’s out there, people are enjoying it. Maybe it’s a bestseller, maybe it has simply captured people’s imagination, maybe it’s a slow burner. But regardless, you’re very proud of what

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    An Extract from The Forgotten Holocaust by Scott Mariani

    She dumped her stuff on the bed and then changed into her running shoes, trotted back downstairs and headed outside to discover the tracks Angela had said wound for miles through the woods. Erin was


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